I began capturing images on at the age of 16 when I begged my dad to let me purchase my first camera before a paramore concert. I adored being able to capture moments as they happened. I took hundreds of photos that summer and filled my bedroom walls with photos, literally every inch was covered. 

When my wife and I were engayged and looking for a photographer who embraced the LGBTQ+ community, we couldn't find any local photographers. I thought to myself, I can be the queer vendor we had been looking for. I can be the gay photographer to help capture these incredible moments. 

Whenever I pick up my camera, I strive to create beautiful and emotional images of you and the world as you two see it.  Even with it's ups and downs, your life, your story, are beautiful and I can't wait to create images to show that!

My love for photography has brought me everywhere up and down the coast of Calfornia, to the Pacific North West, to the mountains of Yosemite, and to the rivers in Colorado.

Each and every wedding brings me a wave of excitement that is unmatched. 

I can’t wait to get to know you, hear your love story and help bring your wedding photography dreams to life!

I strive to create images that spark memories of shared joy in everyday moments. These are the kind of photographs that beg to be displayed, cherished heirlooms adorning walls for generations to come. 

photographer & hopeless romantic

I'm Michelle




let's savor the moment 

Some of my favorite things

- Brianna Welty

"oh my gosh. the photos are stunning! we love you!”

get to know  me

I remember when I first came out as lesbian at 16 and hearing the words "I will never go to your wedding when you get married". 10 years later, my wife and I were able to vow our love for one another. Our love was not only tolerated but celebrated by our family, chosen family and closest friends.
It truly was a full circle moment

Fueling my Soul

choosing love

From a young age I have always loved to travel. Growing up my favorite place to visit was the LAX airport. I loved the bustling groups of people and knowing that soon I would be on an airplace to some new place. My wife and I try to take a trip every year for our anniversary.
Next up: Costa Rica! 

Fueling my Soul


Beginning of the pandemic my wife and I found Riley. Well more like, Riley found us. He was dropped off at my in-laws house in the country. He has changed our lives forever and now whenever we travel, we check for puppy friendly spots first. 

Fueling my Soul


It all began when my then girlfriend proposed to me on New Years Eve in the Sequoia National Forest. In that moment all my dreams of a wedding began and my love for weddings blossomed. 

When planning our own wedding we found it very hard to find a vendor that was inline with our life and showcased our kind of love. We wanted a photographer who not only tolerated our love but celebrated us.  As your wedding photographer I will be there to celebrate and uplift your love. 

it started with a   proposal...

my "why"

the heart behind what i do