How to Prepare for an Engagement Session



Feeling nervous about your Engagement Session?

I know the feeling. I am here to help!

Fresno Engagement Session - GunnShot Photography

Instead of nervous butterflies – it’s butterfly kisses

Prepare to feel awkward

but only for the first 20 minutes

Just take a deep breathe and trust your photographer, AKA me! The first 20 minutes you’re going to feel awkward and uncomfortable because you are out of your comfort zone. This is perfectly normal! Most people aren’t in front of a camera on the daily, but I will make you feel relaxed and at ease. Those jittery feelings are perfectly normal, but I always tell my couples, if you don’t feel awkward, you’re not doing it right.

Picking your location

I’ve got my favorites, let’s find out yours!

When choosing your location – let’s find something meaningful for the both of you. Do you prefer something more urban, or do you prefer the mountains? Do you two get brunch every Sunday at your favorite waffle house? Let’s do it! Do you fly planes as a hobby? Let’s head to the airport! Your location doesn’t need to only be picturesque, but it should represent your love and hobbies.

CHoosing your outfit

It’s time to go shopping!

Most couples decide to have two outfits for their engagement session, one more relaxed and one a bit dressier. When picking out your outfits, you want to make sure that you don’t match completely, however, you want to coordinate the colors. Picking outfits that contain creams, khaki, navy, pastel tones are classic options. You can add variety into your outfit by adding, scarves, jackets, statement necklaces or colorful shoes. But most importantly, you want to choose outfits that you feel confident in!


BE on time – the sun doesn’t wait for anyone

Accidents and car troubles can happen to anyone and I understand that! It is important to be on time for your session so we don’t lose any light, as I typically like to do sessions either at sunrise or sunset. So if you’re late for your session, you will miss out some of that time on your session.

Hair + MAkeup

Treat yourself + trial your style

I recommend to my couples who are planning on getting their hair + makeup done for the wedding day, try it out for your engagement session. It is the perfect way to see how your hair + makeup will photograph on you wedding day. If you decide to do your own hair + makeup, just ensure you apply it a bit heavier than normal.

Once you book pay your retainer + sign your contract you will get an exclusive copy of my wedding magazine guide with all my favorite vendors included. Including Kathy Xiong pictured below.

Show me your ring

but only if it’s clean

During your engagement session, your ring will have it’s own time to shine. I recommend cleaning your rings the week of your engagement session so that it shines as the day you two got engaged.

Fresno Wedding Photographer_0101.jpg

Most Importantly… relax and let me take care of the rest

Fresno Wedding Photographer_0108.jpg

Fresno Wedding Photographer_0106.jpg

Fresno Wedding Photographer_0103.jpg

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