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Brunch Grazing Board for Two

With tips from Tiffany from Easyylivin!

Two women feeding each other and laughing on top of counter

We’re all going a bit stir crazy right now since we have been on shelter In place orders. it’s time to get a little creative at home to keep the romance alive. one of my favorite meals is breakfast. I seriously could eat breakfast for every meal of the day.

but how do you make breakfast a little more than a bowl of cereal?

Breakfast Charcuterie Board!

Tiffany at Easyylivin is the queen of charcuterie/ grazing boards. I went over to her house (before the shelter in place orders) and she shared with me some tips on how to create your own board.

Tiffany + her girlfriend heather have the perfect home with their precious fur baby sierra. (check out Sierra’s insta!) One of my favorite places to photograph couples is in their home. being in your natural element gives another layer of meaning to your portraits. it captures your decor, your daily routines, your favorite blanket folded on the couch, your favorite plant in the window sill, all these little things that make up home for you both.

In home date - romantic stay at home idea for couples

Two women make breakfast in kitchen with coffee and fruit.

Blonde woman kissing brunette woman on the cheek.

Two women kiss and laugh in the kitchen while making coffee

Couple pours coffee in the kitchen

In home date idea - brunch charcuterie board for two

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Woman pours the remainder foam onto latte in kitchen

So let’s get down to business

How to make a grazing board of your own?

tiffany’s first tip is choosing your base. she recommends wood as her favorite option to serve her charcuterie boards.

“choosing your platter, wood is my go to. It ALWAYS looks good and gives your presentation a nice natural look, you can’t go wrong. 

Look at this



wood platter

Breakfast Charcuterie board

brunch grazing board on white kitchen island

The first step in the breakfast board was setting up the muffins and waffles. tiffany started with these first because they were some of the biggest items to go on the board. charcuterie boards are about building, so create your foundation first.

“Think big to small, they are like the center pieces of your board.”

Next you can add your fruits in layers around the muffins + Waffles.

Grapes are pretty much always a must, but try not to be too picky about what goes on your board. You want to be more considerate of what is in season. Matching your produce etc to the season will not only get you better tasting goods, but a better looking display as well.

woman sliding oranges and strawberries


Try topping your platter off with herbs, honey drizzle and bee pollen, these go a long way in elevating you board. It’s all in the little details. Have fun with it, try something new. Play with dips, oils, flowers, alllll the things

For an extra pop of color

top it off with some edible flowers

woman placing edible flowers ontop of charcuterie board


Don’t you just want to eat everything?

the most important thing to remember is to have fun!

In home date - romantic stay at home idea for couples


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charcuterie and food

styling tips from Tiffany at


In home date - romantic stay at home idea for couples

In home date - romantic stay at home idea for couples

In home date - romantic stay at home idea for couples


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