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I remember trying to find the perfect wedding outfit for a few members of my wedding party when I got married a few years ago. They had the hardest time finding a suit or wedding outfit that fit their bodies in the most flattering ways. Back when I was looking, I wish there would have been this blog post to show me where I can find custom and off-the-rack wedding outfits for all body types.

Renting a suit is usually hard as the small alterations to the suit like the hem of the pant and length of the shirt sleeve aren’t the only alterations that need to be made. One of the wedding party members wanted to take out the shoulder pads of the suit as they thought they looked like a line-backer. Even though they bought their suit, they still had a hard time finding a seamstress that would oblige to their requests. The list below of bespoke suits will allow you to customize any part of your suit as well as make sure you get an accurate size for your body. The list is in no particular order!

Some things to consider before buying your suit..

What does your day look like?

It’s important to take into consideration your itinerary for the day, if you are hiking Yosemite to location for your elopement, you’ll want something breathable and roomy enough to hike in.

Where are you going?

Are you headed to the mountains in January, the forest in April, the desert in June, or an event venue any time of the year. (Make sure to ask about A/C / Heat!)

For colder weather – I suggest fabrics such as wool, tweed, cashmere, or velvet. These retain your body heat and will keep you nice and cozy throughout the day.

For warmer weather – I suggest going with 100% cotton, cotton blend, or linen fabric.

Both? – How about layering? Sometimes in Spring and Fall, it can start off warm or cold and then in a few hours’ time be completely different weather. Plan for the temperature change by layering your outfit with vests, suspenders, or using different fabrics for undershirts such as long johns vs cotton tanktop.

Lesbian wedding outfit

Sharpe Suiting

  1. Bespoke/ Custom suits to fit your needs.

    Sharpe Suiting opened its business in Hollywood in 2013 to help “ brave individuals showcase exactly who they are, we know being yourself isn’t easy, so we’ve streamlined a process to help you feel like you”. Sharpe Suiting is a queer-owned company with locations around the United States and for virtual consultations.


    For a 2-piece Custom Suit:

    • Half Canvas – Custom constructed: 1550+

    • Full Canvas (higher quality) – Custom constructed: 1750+

    • True Bespoke Experience: 3000+

    For a 3-piece Custom Suit:

    • Half Canvas – Custom constructed: 1750+

    • Full Canvas (higher quality) – Custom constructed: 1950+

    • True Bespoke Experience: 3300+

    For a Dress Shirt: $185

    For a Blazer: $1150

    For Trousers: $425

    For Shorts: $365

    For a Vest: $330

    For a Pocket Square: $40

Bindle & Keep Wedding Suit

Bindle & Keep

Rae Tutera + Daniel Friedman started their business after they had uncomfortable experiences shopping for their own suit. Appalled by process and lack of understanding outside traditional menswear they set out to create a custom experience to design suits around your body, not fitting your body to the clothing. This bespoke service is not inexpensive but the quality is guaranteed with the company promise, with the amazing service of complimentary alterations for as long as the garment is wearable.

“Everyone is triggered by something about their own body, whether they are a teen who is transitioning or a cisgender man who feels like their body is, for some reason, irregular. There are no body types that we don’t take. This is all just measurements. And we can measure anybody.” – Daniel Friedman

Time Frame: 10-11 Weeks for Production (an addition 1-2 weeks for alterations)


Tier 1 -$895 2-Piece Suit (Jacket: $596 + Pants: $298)

Tier 2 – $1095 2-Piece Suit (Jacket: $730 + Pants $365)

Tier 3- $1295 2-Piece Suit (Jacket: $863 + Pants $431)

(Price differences based on fabric choice + style)

Indochino Lesbian Wedding Suit


Created to make bespoke/custom suits more affordable to the everyday wearer. Indochino offers custom-designed suits for a very reasonable price and offers delivery within 3 weeks. (which is incredible!) The website does not do a fabulous job of showcasing womxn wearing their suits, however, I have heard personal accounts from numerous female-presenting and androgynous consumers, that they have had a very pleasant experiencing working with the brand. They once had a rainbow lining – which I would love for them to bring back.


Suits- $399+

Vests- $99

Shirts- $79

Wildfang Suits


Female-owned and operated clothing company giving the new look to Badass womxn everywhere. This is the perfect shop if you are looking for something off the rack and with a modern twist.

“It started with the “radical” belief that a woman has the right to wear whatever the hell they want and be whoever the hell they want. And speaking of rights, since our launch, we’ve given back over $500k to charities and organizations that support reproductive, immigrant, and queer rights.” Wild Fang


Jackets/ Blazers: $188+

Vests: $88+

Pants: $108+

Sumissura Wedding Outfit


Created by 3 entrepreneurs who were unhappy with the current marketplace for affordable suits for young professionals, Sumissura was established. All suits are made in Shanghai and the process is very simple! Select your style, select your fabrics, measure yourself and prepare for your handcrafted garment. Most amazingly, your suit is guaranteed within a few weeks! If your suit needs to be altered, Sumissura will pay for your alterations (See website for complete details)

Timeframe: 2 weeks

Price: $249+

Little Black Tux Wedding Outfit

Little Black Tux

Little Black Tux is a Father- Daughter duo who started their business with his years of experience working in men’s formal business wear and her desire to create a space for womxn + LGBTQ+ community to find formal wear that fits their body type. This is a great off-the-rack option for you to start with and then tailor to fit your body. Unfortunately, the largest size that they serve is size 20 in women.

We named the company Little Black Tux in homage to both the classic “little black dress” and the LGBT community whose needs, styles, and bodies deserve to be included in formal wear design” – Little Black Tux


Jacket: $149+

Pants: $99+

Vests: $75+

Shirts: $49+

Suit Shop Lesbian Wedding Suit

Suit Shop (formerly The Groomsmen Suit)

This is another great off-the-rack option, providing sizes up to size 20. This female founded and run business was created after their own struggle finding outfits for their wedding party. They have created a brand of suits that can be purchased for less than the price of a traditional suit rental. My favorite thing about this company is that they allow for a free try on period of 7 days. This is unheard of and so great to truly make sure your wedding outfit is exactly how you want it. They also have suits for dogs!

Timeline: 10-12 Weeks before wedding

Price: $249+

Dog Suit Price: $33+

Check out this las vegas inspired elopement with Little Black Tux wedding outfit


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