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You should feel comfortable + cared for

I created this community of vendors to feature wedding vendors who are queer .

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Michelle Gunn

Gunshot Photography

Wedding Photographer 

I am a queer wedding photographer and my goal is to support queer couples by becoming your advocate, photographing your vibrant side and gifting you heirloom portraits. I will make you feel comfortable and confident, while also giving you a safe place for your real love. 

My advice to couples would be to find a photographer who includes engagement sessions and albums. Engagement sessions is a great way to practice for your wedding day and it can help shake the nerves of being in front of the camera. After your wedding, your images will most likely live in the cloud, but where you really want them is in your hands. You have spent a lot of money to make it picture-perfect for you both, now you need to preserve those memories in an heirloom album. 

I make it a point to frequently post queer couples on my website, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. Living in California, I often think that we are a very progressive state, but many of my followers are from around the country and a few throughout the world. Many of these areas still suffer from great discrimination for being apart of the LGBTQ+ community and I believe I need to be visible when others cannot. One way I show my visibility is by donating my services to local LGBTQ+ events such as the LGBTQ+ Prom at Fresno State, the Trans E Motion Carnival and various PFLAG events. I am here to serve you. 



Belladonna Baking co.

Baking Artist

Julian E. Coronado

Belladonna Baking Co. 

My goal is to provide my clients with unique, one of a kind cakes that have an artistic flair. Whipped up with European sweet cream butter, Valrhona chocolate from Tain L’Hermitage, France, fresh fruits and vegetables, the best vanilla on the planet, and free-range eggs.

   My favorite part of meeting with my clients is hearing what makes them different. Just as a couture fashion house, patterns, sews, and embroiders a custom garment, I take the same care with my cakes. Using their stories, inspirations, and ideas to come up with a cake that is uniquely their own. Making a promise that their cake will never be replicated for another couple. This encourages me to stay up to date with trends in fashion, art, pottery, colors, textiles, and flavor profiles. I’m so excited to meet you! 

My advice to couples would be to just let go and enjoy the process. I know that it may be easier said than done with all the planning and decision making but with the right vendors, piecing together the perfect wedding should be exciting, fun and inspirational. Use Pinterest as a starting point, a jolt to your imagination, and not a decision-maker. Sit down with your vendors and show them your interests, your ideas and together, create something unique and 100% you.

 Being able to support my community and becoming a place of business where others, like myself, feel welcome, and respected has always been a high priority of mine. As a gay male myself, entering into a predominantly straight industry, I’ve been apprehensive of how much of my personality I should actually show in my business at the risk of being alienated by the majority. It was only then that I started to think about how unhealthy this was and if I felt this way on the business side, I could only imagine who difficult this could be for potential clients searching for an LGBTQ+ inclusive vendor. I want this to change, I love our community and look forward to the opportunity to be a business that celebrates our uniqueness. 



The Baking Bear

Baking Artist

Teresa Garcia

The Baking Bear

I bake a large assortment of items from cookies to tiered cakes. I’ve been baking for as long as I could remember and decided to turn my passion into a business. I spread my love through baking, and I am so grateful when I can take part in your special day.

My advice to any couple is finding a vendor who is just as passionate and excited as you are for your big day. Any time I have a wedding consult or even a baby shower, I love to hear about the whole event from top to bottom. I love seeing your pictures of inspiration and ideas. It’s also important to have a vendor who is respectful. You should never feel hesitant to let them know if you don’t like an idea or aren’t comfortable. This day is all about you and creating memories to cherish forever.

I am in the beginning stages of my business and am still trying to navigate my social media. Until recently I have kept my personal life and work life separate. Being a part of the Queer community myself I would like to be supportive and inclusive. I plan on working this year to ensure that there is more visibility to show I am open to everyone, as well as attend more events and keep myself informed on the LGBTQ+ culture as much as possible. 

Leilani Price.jpg

Leilani Price

Wedding Officiant

Leilani Price

Wedding Officiant

I am an ordained minister and entertainer.  I can host bachelorette or bachelor (for gay men only).  I am a host for bridal parties and receptions.  I am also an entertainer with high energy performances.  I normally ask to meet with the couple beforehand to make sure I am the best fit for them.I normally ask to meet with the clients before to make sure that I feel comfortable with them and they feel comfortable with me.  I want people to know that I am strictly 100% professional.  I try to think of myself as an actor.  They just get to tell me the role I get to play in their wedding or the events leading up to it.

I am an activist within the local Fresno Community.  I am huge on giving back as much as I can and I use my platform to help others in the LGBTQ+ community I am pretty aware of what is going on with all items happening with the nation and I work extremely close with a few nonprofits to make sure there are no obstacles preventing them.





Event Food Stylist

Tiffany Ekmalian


A California based food stylist. I am most likely making cheese and charcuterie based spreads loaded with local breads, pickles, fresh fruits, house-dried fruits, veggies, and more. Locally sourced, sustainably minded, beautiful, real food, artfully plated.

Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life. Don’t go through the day without feeding yourself along the way (nobody wants to be hangry during their wedding). When booking a grazing spread for your guests (or whatever food you choose), ask about having a small platter sent to you and your future spouses dressing quarters to snack on while you and your bridal party/groomsmen get ready!

It’s important to me  that everyone I meet, or even those that just scrolls my gram, feels welcome and accepted. You will see a lot of food pics/tutorials on my website/social media but ALSO my amazing, diverse set of clients (gay, straight, and everything in between). Being apart of the LGBTQ+ community, I openly share pieces of my personal life to bring positivity, and encouragement for others to live fully and unapologetically themselves. 

Diana Rebman.jpg

Diana Rebman 3.jpg

Diana Rebman

Hair Stylist

Diana Rebman 2.jpg

Diana Rebman

Diana Rebman Hair

I am a queer, vegan wedding hairstylist who believes in NOT listening to what society thinks you should do with your hair (due to face shape, or gender, etc), and instead customizing your hair to complement and highlight your own unique, personal style. I strive to create a safe and welcoming space for all of my guests. The way you express yourself on the outside can be a huge factor in feeling comfortable in your own skin. As someone who’s often felt like the black sheep, I understand how important it is to feel seen and to feel like you.

My advice for couples is your wedding day is about you. It’s to celebrate and acknowledge your real, beautiful love. Whatever that looks like, whether it’s wearing a rainbow dress/suit or saying “I do” on the top of a mountain, you deserve to create the day of your dreams.

Growing up in a small conservative town in the valley made my journey of accepting myself a slow and confusing process. So even though I feel like I’m more of a newcomer to the LGBTQ+ community, I embrace all that the community has to offer. I reach out and support other queer people in my local community, attend LGBTQ+ events, and showcase the LGBTQ+ couples I have had the opportunity to work with on my social media and website because this a community that I love and support that just doesn’t get enough press or promotion.


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Meet Michelle


I specialize in inclusive wedding photography for all. I went from being engayged to being a Fresno Wedding Photographer when I couldn't find any photographers locally who held my same values.  

Fueled by equal parts coffee and passion,  I believe your story, your love, is beautiful and I can't wait to capture it in images you will treasure for years to come. I believe in real moments and genuine connection. In the kinds of images that remind you of the joy that can be found in the simplest of moments together. 

And I can't wait to get to know you!

I’m Michelle Gunn

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