My top five sparkler wedding exit tips to make your exit magical


Sparkler exits have been around for a while now but I still love them as a newer tradition for couples. After a few dozen sparkler exits as a photographer a guest, here are my top 5 sparkler wedding exit tips. 

I am not including this in the list of my top five, but just as a general rule. Before you plan for a sparkler exit, make sure you get approval from your venue! Most venues allow it but some venues do not allow open flames, so make sure you confirm with your venue coordinator. As a rule, most sparkler exits are allowed in the parking lot, cement walkways, or grassy areas. Listed below are my top sparkler wedding tips for you to have the most magical exit. 

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  1. Use extra-long smoke-less sparklers

    • Do not go to the sale on the 5th of July and pick up all the leftover sparklers, you want extra long sparklers so that we can get as many portraits as possible. I recommend the 36″ sparklers if you have a larger group. It is also important to purchase the smoke-less sparkler, these will ensure your portraits come out as clear as possible and not smoke out your friends + family at the end of the night. These are my favorite!

  2. Preparation is key! 

    • There are so many details to planning a weekend, but preparation is most important. When you bring your sparklers to your venue, make sure you have them unpackaged before the day of your wedding. Many couples underestimate how long it takes to unpackage your sparklers during the event. This can make the sparkler exit go from a 5-minute event with your guests to a 20-minute event with your guests waiting for their sparkler. While you’re at it, make sure you bring enough lighters for multiple people to light sparklers at once. Lastly, make sure you bring buckets of water or cat litter to put out the sparklers at the end. Discuss with your venue coordinator, some venues supply these for you, but it’s always good to be prepared. 

  3. Do it earlier in the night – Faux Exit or with just your wedding party.

    • Some couples want to wait until the very last part of the night to do the sparkler wedding exit. In theory, I totally get the reasoning behind this. However, as a photographer, I totally recommend this faux exit with your guests or just your wedding party + family! This will save you some expense in terms of photography coverage for your day as most photographers charge by the hour. It also makes it a bit safer for you two walking down an aisle of flames. The later in the night we do the exit, the more likely you two and your guests will be drunk which is always a worry of mine at sparkler exits. Hairspray, sparklers, and unsteady hands can be a little dangerous – thankfully I have never had an accident at a sparkler wedding exit!

  4. Embrace space for your safety + guests

    • As I mentioned in the previous point, you and your guests’ safety is most important. So when planning a sparkler exit I will align your guests into two rows spaced 5-10 feet apart so you two can walk safely. I also tell your guests to raise their sparklers high so that they aren’t sticking straight out at your face. 

  5. Take your time and enjoy your moment!

    • Because you were smart and bought long sparklers you have time to enjoy your moment as you two walkthrough magic at the end of the night. I like to tell my couples to savor the moment, kiss in the middle, do a twirl, or my personal favorite a dip kiss. 

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Here is my own sparkler exit with my wife!


  1. Dan says:

    Hi! I found that this guy here: presents your photos as his. I am not sure how many are his photos but many of them are from other photographers. Cheers!

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