Easter in Dinuba


Easter is one of my favorite holidays. It hasn’t always been but when Kim and I got together 5 years ago, she explained that Easter was ‘kind of a big deal’. My first Easter with her family, I was greeted by over 20 people and that’s just her immediate family. Many years ago, a tradition was started on Easter Eve, where there was a wine tasting with a cash reward for the best-tasting wine. My first year I attended, I won first place! I haven’t won since, but it made a lasting impression on how fun it is to have family get-togethers. I love being able to contribute to our family events and take photos of our get-togethers. I know that many years from now, our family will look back on all the fun times we had together.

Some people as what is the best way to capture Easter memories and I have a few tips! These tips can be used for all holiday events and not just Easter!

Tip 1 – Look around!

Some of my favorite shots are ones that just happen naturally. I try to capture holidays as they come for the most part. I break that rule in the next rule ( not to confuse you!)



Tip 2 – Pose!

Who am I kidding?! You won’t get all the grandkids in a photo – all smiling at you unless you make sure it happens! I always make sure to get a group photo and some individual photos – especially of the kids! Sometimes you just have to take control.


Unposed vs Posed

Tip 3 – Traditions?

Every holiday has a tradition that is special to your family. The Easter tradition at my wife’s house is to take a photo of all the grandchildren, lined up in the doorway waiting to hunt for eggs. Something that I have learned to capture without question. Check out how I have improved in the last 5 years.

Tip 4 – Print it!

After you have captured all your memories, you don’t want them to live forever on the internet, you need to print those photos! For small holidays and vacations like this, I find that Shutterfly is the best option. Check out this photo book from our Hawaiian Vacation!


Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions on how to capture Holiday moments at home!



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