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California will forever be my favorite place to photograph. There are so many incredible location options and one that I hadn’t experienced before Liv + Key’s engagement session was El Matador Beach in Malibu, CA.

GunnShot Photography - Lesbian Engagement Session on Beach

Let me tell you, El Matador Beach did not disappoint. 

El Matador Beach, Malibu CA

Typically I try to shoot my sessions either near sunrise or sunset as that’s when light is the softest and most flattering. However, we decided to do a mid-morning session and I am obsessed with how the images turned out. 

Lesbian Engagement Session in Malibu, CA


If you haven’t been to El Matador Beach before, prepare for many tourists and a sea of photographers. The beautiful rocks make it incredibly picturesque nestled among the beautiful homes. 



Liv + Key and I had never met before our session but we quickly became fast friends. They both help run a foster dog foundation which only amplifies how kind-hearted these two are. When I captured this session, my wife and I had yet to adopt Riley, but since our session, I have continued to reach out to these two for advice on caring for our little boy. They have been nothing but helpful and gave us so much great advice on how to create a safe and loving home for our pup. 


Liv + Key were down for all the fun on the beach. Anything I asked them to climb on, lean on, lay down on they were down!



My favorite part was when I convinced them to lay down on the beach together. Depending on the couple, if you are down to get down and dirty, we will certainly capture all those intimate photos. I always reassure all my couples that I am there for you 100%, so if we get any strange looks, glares, or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, I will be there to support you and protect you from the haters. You should feel completely comfortable in your session, as those are the memories that you will remember. Even if the photo is drop-dead gorgeous, if you feel uncomfortable in the moment, whenever you look back at the images, you will remember that feeling. I am continually evaluating your non-verbal cues during our session to ensure you’re feeling you are most confident. Luckily Key + Liv were feeling themselves during their session and were down for all my creative ideas throughout the session. 

Unfortunately, I completely forgot about high tide so we only got a few shots of them on the beach together before the ocean made itself the main character in our session. 




This was my first session at El Matador, but certainly won’t be my last. 







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