Gay Couple Photoshoot|| Pismo Dunes | Chris + Steven


Truth be told, before this photoshoot I had never been to the Pismo Dunes. When Chris + Steven talked about having their couples session near the beach I knew I wanted to take them to the Oceano – Pismo Dunes.

Pismo Photographer - Gay Engagement Session

Check out this super cute gay couple photoshoot at the dunes. 

Gay Men Engagement session at the beach

We started off by meeting downtown to hang out and get to know each other. Chris and I had worked together at Starbucks, but this was the first time I was meeting Steven. I quickly realized how special Steven was and what a tremendous couple they made together. We talked for a little bit before we walked downtown for a bit. We passed by the famous cinnamon roll shop in Pismo and neither Chris or myself had ever tried one. So of course we had to stop to get one. It got a little messy + sticky so not many photos were taken, but here are just a few. I highly recommend stopping by the Old West Cinnamon Roll Shop if you have never tried it. They were DELICIOUS. 

Old West Cinnamon Rolls in Pismo, CA

After we were in a slight food coma and sugar high from cinnamon rolls, we made our way over to the Pismo Dunes to start our session. 

Pismo Dunes,  CA

Gay Engagement Session

As soon as we started our journey I realized I made a huge mistake… 

I forgot my camera harness. To non-photographers, this might not seem like a big deal. But let me tell you, it can get tiresome holding on to a 4-pound camera/lens trying to hike up mounds of sand is not easy. Since that session, I have never forgotten a camera harness, actually now they just never leave the trunk of my car. 

Despite the mishap, the session was picture perfect.

Pismo Dunes Engagement Session

Gay couple beach engagement session - GunnShot Photography

Gay Couple Beach Engagement - GunnShot Photography

Gay Couples Session - GunnShot Photography

We ran down some dunes, rolled around in the sand and of course a piggyback ride or two. 

Gay Couples Engagement Session

Gay Engagement Beach Session - GunnShot Photography

Gay Couple Embracing

Gay Engagement - Beach Couples Session

Gay Engagement Session - Snuggling on the Beach

Remember when I told you I had never been to Pismo Dunes before, well I didn’t realize how far away the beach was to the dunes. So instead of walking like I originally planned, we made a quick 5 minute drive to the beach to catch the last bit of sunset. 

Pismo Beach, CA - GunnShot Photography

Gay Couple Engagement Session on Beach - GunnShot Photography

Sunset Beach Session - Pismo, CA - GunnShot Photography

Beach Engagement Session- Captured by GunnShot Photography

Pismo Dunes + followed by the Beach have become one of my favorite locations near the Central Coast. 

Pismo Beach Engagement - GunnShot Photography

GUNNSHOTPHOTOGRAPHY-ChrisSherwood--stabilize (1).jpg


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